Taylor Swift vs. Skye Sweetnam

Dear Readers,

First of All, I want to tell you all Happy New Year’s and hopes for a reflective MLK Jr B-day. Birthday. Now with greetings aside, I wanted to talk about the musical annoyance that is “swiffering” the world by storm. Yep, you guessed it. It’s Taylor Swift. I really don’t know why I dislike her so much. Maybe it’s her songs. Then again, her music is not really that inane. I am an alterna-rock music listener and even I got say that she is not that bad of singer and some of her songs have a fair enough amount of true in them like Fifteen. But, it is annoying to hear the way she compares herself and her forbidden boyfriend to the Shakespearean tragedy play,Romeo and Juliet and Hester Prynne‘s Scarlet Letter in her lyrics to Love story. Don’t believe me, then watch the video. If you think it’s just lyrics. Then, no,it’s all the freshmen and sophomore kids in my school that go around singing it like it is the way of life that is most annoying. I,mean, I am huge fan about most of my bands like Onerepublic and Skye Sweetnam, of whom will be covered in this blog. But, the thought to make someone to fall in love with them is far from it. But, I hate that kind of mind-set of most teens that their love is like Romeo and Juliet. I’m think it is romantic and a true statement. But, after reading about it myself, I think I would rather opt out for Much ado about Nothing or Midsummer Night Dream. And same goes for the Scarlet Letter, I know I didn’t pay much attention to it in class. But, I do know it didn’t end well. I also find myself questioning her past hit song, “Mine”, which was about a relationship with a boy who made her into a rebel out of her. Oh yeah, two kids of college age getting married and living together is really rebellious. Personally when I think of rebellious, I think of Skye Sweetnam and her song, “Billy S”. Well, of those who have never even heard of Skye Sweetnam or her music. Skye Sweetnam has written and performed songs for shows like Disney Channel’s original series,the Buzz on Maggie, and Nickelodeon’s The Wayside. She grew up in Canada and starting writing music at sixteen. Pretty much the same time as Taylor Swift. But, I feel Skye is more expressive in her music than Taylor Swift is at times. Anyways, in Skye Sweetnam’s song ,“Billy S”,which stands for William Shakespeare, starts off with her not wanting to go to school on Monday and being unable to ride a bus there. So, Skye says to father, of whom she refers to as “daddy” like she is five or something, that she doesn’t want to go to school. But, I do like the part where she says the line “to skip or not to skip” was really good. I love the idea of her taking Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” soliloquy and making fun of it in this way. I,mean, if you like Taylor’s version better go ahead and do that. But, I think Skye has a better frame of mind when it comes to rebellion concepts.

Now, they are some songs where Taylor and Skye kind of go together. Those songs would be “You belong with me” by Taylor and “Tangled up in me” by Skye. They both happen to be kind of going

after a boy who they both like and waiting for him to notice. The difference is in Taylor’s “You belong with me”. It sounds like it’s a nicer version of Avril Lavinge‘s “Girlfriend”. She basically trying to break up this couple that is not working out very well. While in Skye’s “Tangled up in me”, She is trying to get this guy to notice her. But, overall they are both clichéd in attitude for the whole “looking something that was already there concept”. But, at least Skye didn’t try to steal this boy from another girl like Taylor did.

In short, it doesn’t really matter who is the better songwriter. I think both Skye and Taylor are equal and unique in style. So, if you like Taylor that’s just fine. And if you like Skye, then like Skye. As for me, I think I’m going to enjoy some P!nk or Skye Sweetnam and get over this review. Catch you in the next two weeks for my new blog.