A poem is a man’s best friend

Words frees the  soul  like  a  good friend,

Opens wide like  a  small child’s eyes when they first see Disneyland.

ensnare the  senses like a python  squeezes a mouse in his formidable coils

Scolds you like  when your mom  says she is disappointed in you.

Reminds you  of all  the simple pleasure like coming home  and  getting hugs from your mother.

And at times your significant other.

Describes horrors of  dark  beginnings and horrid times of day long past,

From the fall of Adam and Eve up to  the  Twin  Towers fall,

Thus remind us all  of  our possible last leap that will  soon get us all.

comes in all  voices,sizes,and  different time zones,

I bid  you farewell  as  the  Raven  quoting  old Lenore,

I hope  our minds will  be closer together when we meet in our final  celestial home.


To Review or not to Review

Last Wednesday evening, I watched a new adaptation of Hamlet on OETA. I have always enjoyed Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I enjoy the part where Hamlet speaks to Yorick,the jester, and when he speaks with his father for the first time. He learns how Claudius killed his father and became king.

Now aside from the acts that are normally shown in the play, what made this adaption different was the contemporary view and style. In some parts, we see the actors through the view of security cameras and characters in modern everyday clothing. Do you remember how Hamlet slowly descends into madness, this is accented even more with the use of mirrors on the floor and a regular free-standing one. They go into more detail with this at the end of the movie. Now, my favorite part is when they have Hamlet take a security camera and smashing it to the ground, then says “Now, I am alone.”  This shows how Hamlet has disconnected from the rule of his so-called step-uncle/father. Now, he knows that Uncle did the deed of killing his father and will probably do the same to him.

Well, I must go. Until then parting is such sweet sorrow.

That old ambition list

I have thought up some really cool ideas while I have been idea for me to do. Beside just working a job, I plan on using my money to finance the following ideas:

  1. start working on my very first book
  2. opening up a poetry corner bar
  3. a club for teens
  4. work on a script for a movie
  5. Create a  goth group
  6. Get back to writing poetry again
  7. Learn about repair cars
  8. practice Yoga
  9. take up some volunteer work
  10. Write a new blog post every week no matter what is going on.

I know these might be some impossible dreams. But, I am confident that I can do them, providing that I stay focused and do not give up.


failure to success

I posted this video mostly due to advice of someone else that she or he left on my channel. I was really happy that YouTube accepted this vid. The main reason is due to the fact last time I made a vid for another gothic girl character and I had to audio-swapped it. So,it is now called Sam’s hat trick. It was due to my video had contained a wmg. But, that was not the only vid that did not get accepted on YouTube. I have at least 5 or 7 vids that did not make it. So, even if this vid is not the world’s top vid. I am proud that it got on YouTube.

A Raven leaves the nest

I,myself, have been an emerging Goth for a year now. In that past year, I have joined a social networking site on Ning. The people were nice and taught me more about being a Goth. Some of it was something I already knew. But, it reassured me as what we, Goths, are about. It felt nice to know I am not the only one who wishes to stay a Goth. Though, I feel I can do better than as Goth. I do understand my limits and what I know what will happen if I do not follow the rules. I decide to help me achieve my newer status as Goth. I decided that I will make a list of resolutions that will help me better gothic and loving choices. So, here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. Read books on the Gothic Tradition

2. write in Journal and more poems

3. Draw and do photography

4. Visit the library once a week

5. Find a club that will host a poetry night and audition

6. Find some new Goth bands and listen to music

7. Find a job to cover for these expenses

8. Find some new light/dark clothing for summer.

9. Go to more Dungeons and Dragons meetings

10. Thank Mom for all she does.

Boys vs. Girls: the digital battle of the sexes

The Internet: Men versus Women

12/29/2009 12:54:21 PM
My greatest pet peeve when I come to the internet is how women are treated badly on the social sites like Facebook. Facebook is fun,yet there men who just want to get at you. I guess they figure that women are going to be stupid enough to tell them who they are and what school they go to. They want women to  practically to turn on their web cams and take off the pants and show their bottoms for them. I have two guys who were rude to me while I instant messaged with them. They were some-what friendly to other friend I was instant messaging with. When I was on Facebook one time, some guy kept asking if I was a girl. My first question is what kind of question is why did he want to know if I was a girl. On the  internet ,for the most part, everybody can be either male or female. Gender does not apply to the internet. You can not be sure if the person who admits to being a female could be a sexual predator or  a sweet girl living on a working ranch. Now, the guy answered that he was interested. Another one seem to be whiny and desperate for a girl to like him. In fact, he created a site on Facebook that was titled like “I like you, even though I do not like me”. I feel he can do that , yet I felt like he was one of the dumbest people on earth. He felt like we bonded and was trying to win my heart. Instead he earned my sorrow. One of the reasons why is unless that person is your friend,sibling, family member,or crush. You should not  try to create a tight-sealed bond with everyone on the planet. So, in short ,my boys and girls, when online be careful of the friends you choose or you will be in for some real trouble.

Music: Battle the Sound Soliders

Alterative music against easy listening?!

6/7/2009 6:11:00 PM

Every one has their own kind of music. Some enjoy listening to jazz. Others like to listening to hardcore rock. I believe music is meant to free a person and give them  some kind of hope that their days will be brighter. This is what punk rock alternative music. When I listen to “All star” by  Smash mouth I feel lighthearted. It makes me feel strong and want to take on the world. Then when I listen to “girl next door” by Saving Jane I am reminded that beauty is more than outward appearance. The song makes me realize how girls compare themselves other girls. But, towards the end of the song, it has a chance of tone.

I guess I messed up. I was supposed to argue the opinion on the subject of which is better alternative music or easy listening. Now, I have listened to easy listening. I have learned it is not for me. But,as I said before,rock alternative music is what makes me jump and feel more free from my inhibitions. One day I hope to be in or start a band. But, easy listening makes me feel less free. I makes me feel happy to have so many different music.

In conclusion,I feel alternative music is better than easy listening for the following below:

  1. Alternative music is more freeing and shows the fearless of self expression.
  2. Easy listening is more stable and shows maturity through its calmness.
  3. But,alternative music can be good as a catharsis for those who are artistic or looking for an escape from today’s pop music.

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