Thanks for the Feedback?

Dear Readers,

     I apologize for this blog being late. I have been dealing with other problems this past week Anyways, I have been an YouTube user and viewer going on four years now. And I couldn’t help noticing a few problems with it.

Youtube-logo    For starters,I have grown tired of the in-fighting on the YouTube video comments pages. You see after watching an episode of Foamy the Squirrel about forums and how they have become so dumb down to where you can not even voice your own opinion, I have realized he is right. Just the other day, I decided to watched a video by Taylor Swift and all I saw were comments made by others to silence someone’s opinion. True, these people shouldn’t be watching the video if they hate it so much. Yet at the same time, they should be able to voice their opinion without the someone biting their head off. I feel people forget at times that the internet was also made to express your opinion and not a popularity contest for the next top celebrity.

   The next thing that bothers me is those schleps that try to correct you on your opinion and think they did you a real favor. This happened to me when I watched that new music video, “Co-dependent” on YouTube, I made a comment about how the song reminded me of “Independent” by Destiny’s child. Then, someone with their so-called, infinite wisdom had to correct me. I,mean, I can admit to being wrong. But, I do not think or feel I need the help of some know-it-all jerk who lives only to correct others on their knowledge of pop culture. And plus isn’t YouTube already trash? Who cares if you get something wrong? And if you are going to do any kind of correcting,then you are better off picking on the people who make comments with all the words misspelled.

Now for the final annoyances created by YouTube, the comments where someone decided to remark on how many people disliked the video. At times this kind of remark can be funny. But, sometimes it’s almost as lame as when someone says “your mom” when someone else has said something they did not like.

Well, I have to go now. I have to go and take care of some comment someone made about my comment on some else about Taylor Swift’s new music video.

Peace Out,



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