Radio Static

Dear Readers,

Do you remember along ago when I discussed to you the stay out of my face Shareenaminor subtleties between Taylor Swift and Skye Sweetnam. Well, I planned to do the same thing with Jesse McCartney and Justin Bieber. But, I felt another wrong must be righted before I could even begin talking about these two pop-singers. Now, just for fun. I’m going to let you to guess what it is. Did you say radio broadcasting? Then you are correct, dear sir or madam. Ever since I learned of that this device ever existed, I have enjoyed listening to music of singers/songwriters like Barenaked Ladies,Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, and many others. I,mean, did I ever love dancing and singing along to music back then. Boy, one thing that everyone has to agree on about the nineties has to be the music. However, I have started to, like many others, notice the “More rock, less talk” motto being ignored by my favorite radio stations. It feels like I’m being constantly bombarded by either commercials or some idiotic joke made by a local early-morning DJ. I understand that the main point of these audio- peddle pushers is to make money and the radio-stations are dealing with the struggle between internet radio and keeping the attention of their fellow listeners. But, I personally feel the ads should be stripped off the airwaves and these Deejays should be fired without severance pay for their lame jokes and constant ramblings of stupidity. I could say the same about the vee-jays( music video jockeys usually found on VH1 and MTV doing the top twenty countdown), but that is an evil saved for another day. Another complaint that I have is the amount of music being played on the radio, I believe it has gone from being a whole hour of musical goodness to two songs per hour. And that is if you’re lucky. But most of the time, it’s like one song and it is by “America’s little sweetheart”, Taylor Swift. Please Folks, don’t get me wrong. I do think Taylor Swift is a great singer. But, it would be nice not to hear a song that was not a break-up or love song written by little miss American dream occasionally. At least there is one bright side to this radio static, around 7:00 pm central time our musical savior, John Tesh, is comes on. And music reigns supreme once again and commercials must take the back seat for the next five hours.

I also like how the John Tesh, the DJ, gives out important information rather than some idiotic joke an keeps the talk real brief so that way you can actually enjoy the music. I know there are some music stations that actually play music in the same manner. But, I can only stand to listen to just two songs and that is it. Anyways, I think I’m going to go and listen some Third Eye Blind for a while.

So, Cyndro saying peace-out and catch you later!





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