That Darn Cat, Afterlife, Speed Racer, and both of the Addams Family movies. Though vastly different, these movies have one thing or person in common. Yep, they all star Christina Ricci. She is my favorite actress because of her roles as Wednesday Addams in Addams Family Values and Patty in That Darn Cat. She plays such severe, yet sassy characters as well as light-hearted characters like Penelope the pig-nosed girl in Penelope and Katrina Van Tassel in The Sleepy Hollow. Now, do they shock anyone any less or make her any less of an actress? No, she should open up her repertoire. But, it is kind of hard to watch her play these sweetheart roles any less? Heck Yes!!! As I promised, I sat through Afterlife and now I am going to write you about it. Basically, the story is about an elementary school teacher named Anna Taylor who has for some reason has become very distant in life. Probably, it could be her ice-her-veins mother or maybe she is dead. I, mean all be it if you awake up in a morgue and yet you can breathe. You can also see by her ability to move and talk that she must be dead. Well, it couldn’t be her looks those have be there since birth, people. They are not going away. Sorry about that Christina Ricci. Anyways, it starts when Ana Taylor and her boyfriend, Paul Coleman played by Justin Long, are together in bed and some reason Ana jumps out of bed and runs right into the shower. They have a discussion about him not being enough for each other and Ana says that she is fine. Later that day, Anna and Paul go out to dinner at a real posh restaurant. And before Paul could make a proposal, Anna takes off in her car and gets in a car crash. Then, she wakes up in a morgue staring up at the local morgue director who tells her that she is dead while he injects her with some kind of muscle relaxer. Well, I guess I will try to remember that the next time I need a shot when I’m dead. He keeps repeating over and over again “just because a person is born, they are alive.” Well, that isn’t the exact quote. But, this is a kid’s site as well and I got family members reading this as well. But, as the movie goes on, Paul starts to consider that Anna isn’t dead. This is well after she figures it out for herself and killed by the morgue director. Anyways, he goes off and rescues her from to only be killed by the Morgue Director. Yeah, I guess that was a real shocker. The monster gets away with it ending. Okay, it was good movie, even Pan’s Labyrinth worthy even. It was just this one time; I could not get Christina Ricci actually playing a victim’s part. Well, wait until next for my blog and Friday look at my fan-fiction just click here!


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