The Not so greatest show on Earth

World of Quest: The Best Worst Show on the W.B.

Do you like completely disgusting shows that involves comedic slapstick in a bizarre magical world? Well, do I have the perfect show for you? The Show goes by the name of World of Quest. It follows the adventures of spoiled, redheaded, boy, prince with the name of Nestor Quest and Nestorand his jerk of a bodyguard, Quest. The show starts out with Graer, a talking griffin and friend of Quest, and Prince Nestor escaping from an attack from the Katastrophe brothers, minions of Lord Spite. After that, Nestor and Graer go in search of Quest. They need his help to find various swords of power to save Nestor’s parents from Lord Spite and General Ogun. (Yeah, you can see where this is going.) But when they ask for it, Quest plaintively says no and just kicks or tosses Nestor in a lake of piranha-like creatures when asked multiple times by Nestor. (And trust me, this kid never gives up.) This constant fight continues until the kid finally tricks Quest into reading the “Allegiance” spell. This is when you will hear a loud, heavy; sound made it seem like Quest’s house had just passed some gas. Anyways, the spell forces Quest follow Nestor’s every single whim whether he wants to or not. But, Quest can resist the power for a short while until Nestor is kidnapped by the Katastrophe brothers and has to be saved. Though, Quest says that he will save Nestor, yet he will do his way. Anyways, Nestor’s bossiness and Quest’s jerkiness ensues throughout the first season where when Nestor starts to act too obnoxious he will be some way be knocked around by Quest. This behavior can be often followed by Nestor becoming even bossier with Quest in protest. I will recall reading of sites like that said Quest was very harsh with Nestor. Other reviews were more positive about it and made it seem it was just some “tough love”. This can be true at times because you will see that by watching the show. Nestor and Quest do have their semi-sweet moments where they get along. One example of this off-beat friendliness can be seen at the end of “As the Super Worm turns”. After Nestor and Quest have escaped the den of the super worm, Quest actually says thanks and to reward Nestor. Quest tries to teach Nestor some sword-fighting moves. Another example could be found at the end of “Part 2 of The Fall Odyessia” where you can find Nestor cradled in Quest’s arm like a baby.

Personally, I love this show despite all the grossness and slapstick. I love the show because it’s a parody of all fantasy and Science Fiction. I see it as a show for us RPG players seriously. It’s also nice to see a show that is about sidekick empowerment and shows more believable heroes. But, what gets me is all the gross stuff that happens to Nestor. If you ever see the beginning part of show, you will see Quest dump a bucket of green slime on Nestor. And if you are really lucky, you just might get to see Prince Nestor vomit. Yeah, now you know why this show earns the title of “Worst Best show”. And if you do not believe me, watch it on or wait for the premiere on Nickelodeon in January.

Well, that’s all for this week. Please come back to read my blog when I review the Christina Ricci’s movie, Afterlife.


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