At first,you don’t succeed.

amazed rogueWell, it’s finally official. The season of fall has flown in and slapped our so-called, little, sleepy town right in the face. To be honest though, I love fall for the dewy, let’s go and get a cup of apple cider, sunshiny, days. I love riding to and from places and seeing the leaves. And of course like some people, I love that fall fever that comes with the anticipation of Halloween. So, it’s unfortunate that it must to come to a short end. It also has made me,like the other twelve months of this year, realize that I did not have the best year as I could have. So, I decided to make some early New Year’s resolutions The First thing I plan to have done before New Year’s Eve is have read the last Harry Potter Book. I like to read it before I see the movie. Second, I will try to avoid boredom by joining up with a group of some sort. I would be in complete rapture if it was poetry or even a movie club. Now, the third part is I want to write more letters and stay closer to my family. I also will try to blog more often. I really do enjoy it and it keeps active in the world. The fifth promise will be to make at least one podcasts and vid for my site for each month. Lastly and unfortunately, I must do what I can to get back to college. I wanted to start some math classes to help with my problems in math. In fact, I plan to start studying my Latin flashcards at 9pm.Well, Catch you next week!!!


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