Halloween Movies: From terrifying to mundane in ten years flat.

      Hey and Sorry about this blog being so late. Anyways, I look back at all the horror movies that have been made and I have noticed a bit of a trend. They have started to get less and less scarier.  To prove my point, I remember having a discussion with someone about this very subject and she agreed as well. Why has this happened? I figured it is my age or people have become more “sheltered” and desensitized. Sometimes, I think back to the day I saw Jurassic Park and afterwards saying that PG-13  movies were going to get worse. (In some ways,they have and other times not so much). Now, there are actual psychological horrors like I am Legend, Eagle Eye,and Invasion. They were scary for the following reasons:

  1. They did hit issues that are common to  society like finding a cure for cancer and start realizing that we depend on technology too much
  2. They avoided the regular clichés found in most horror movies like haunted houses and having the elimination of people in a group(even though I did kind of liked that part).
  3. It had stronger characters that defeated the monsters like Eagle Eye and Invasion. They did their best to survive and got away from the creature or thing that tried to get them.

But, like most movie genres, there are always some movies that are horrible at being scary.

  1. The Nightmare before Christmas: Scary to most people, this movie gets a 2 on the scariness rating for just being creepy to some point because it is a satire and some surprising images.
  2. R.L. Stine’s The Haunting: Scary for one scene with a leech. For that it gets a 3 on the scariness rating.
  3. Van Helsing: It had a few shocking images. It gets 4 on the scariness rating.
  4. Brothers Grimm: I liked it for how it drew in all the stories written by the Grimm Brothers, But it still earns a 6.
  5. Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet street: This particular movie was more bloody than scary. But, the acting,singing,and suspense was great. So, I have to give it an 8.
  6. Nightmare on Elm street(the first): This movie just goes without saying and gets a 10.

Well, Until next week where I will be sharing some dark poetry. Good Night!!! Vampire bat


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