To Review or not to Review

Last Wednesday evening, I watched a new adaptation of Hamlet on OETA. I have always enjoyed Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I enjoy the part where Hamlet speaks to Yorick,the jester, and when he speaks with his father for the first time. He learns how Claudius killed his father and became king.

Now aside from the acts that are normally shown in the play, what made this adaption different was the contemporary view and style. In some parts, we see the actors through the view of security cameras and characters in modern everyday clothing. Do you remember how Hamlet slowly descends into madness, this is accented even more with the use of mirrors on the floor and a regular free-standing one. They go into more detail with this at the end of the movie. Now, my favorite part is when they have Hamlet take a security camera and smashing it to the ground, then says “Now, I am alone.”  This shows how Hamlet has disconnected from the rule of his so-called step-uncle/father. Now, he knows that Uncle did the deed of killing his father and will probably do the same to him.

Well, I must go. Until then parting is such sweet sorrow.


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