“So,I slugged him.”

Before I started writing this blog,I remember reading a comic book and one of the pages in it. It depicted a girl talking to her mom about some guy on her baseball team had called her a tomboy. Then, the girl said after the boy had said this to her she slugged him. I like the fact that the girl stood up for herself. But, the people who made this book  kind of make us who are  tomboys look bad. First of all, they make us look like young girls that only live to make boys suffer. That suddenly being a tomboy is unlike most ultimate evil against God. Not to come off as super-sensitive,but why is okay for men to look feminine and not for women to baggy pants or baseball cap. I looked in the dictionary for the meaning of this word and discovered it described a girl who exhibits   masculine qualities like wearing baggy pants and playing “boy stuff”.  Now, my standpoint is girls should be able to do what “boy stuff” do likewise boys should be allowed to do more “girl stuff”. Of course, I understand why girls and boys don’t do the same things and probably for good reason. But, is it a bad thing to let a girl play football or black nail-polish.

However, I feel being a tomboy is who I am and like being a vegetarian is a matter of principles.


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