Music: Battle the Sound Soliders

Alterative music against easy listening?!

6/7/2009 6:11:00 PM

Every one has their own kind of music. Some enjoy listening to jazz. Others like to listening to hardcore rock. I believe music is meant to free a person and give them  some kind of hope that their days will be brighter. This is what punk rock alternative music. When I listen to “All star” by  Smash mouth I feel lighthearted. It makes me feel strong and want to take on the world. Then when I listen to “girl next door” by Saving Jane I am reminded that beauty is more than outward appearance. The song makes me realize how girls compare themselves other girls. But, towards the end of the song, it has a chance of tone.

I guess I messed up. I was supposed to argue the opinion on the subject of which is better alternative music or easy listening. Now, I have listened to easy listening. I have learned it is not for me. But,as I said before,rock alternative music is what makes me jump and feel more free from my inhibitions. One day I hope to be in or start a band. But, easy listening makes me feel less free. I makes me feel happy to have so many different music.

In conclusion,I feel alternative music is better than easy listening for the following below:

  1. Alternative music is more freeing and shows the fearless of self expression.
  2. Easy listening is more stable and shows maturity through its calmness.
  3. But,alternative music can be good as a catharsis for those who are artistic or looking for an escape from today’s pop music.

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