Boys vs. Girls: the digital battle of the sexes

The Internet: Men versus Women

12/29/2009 12:54:21 PM
My greatest pet peeve when I come to the internet is how women are treated badly on the social sites like Facebook. Facebook is fun,yet there men who just want to get at you. I guess they figure that women are going to be stupid enough to tell them who they are and what school they go to. They want women to  practically to turn on their web cams and take off the pants and show their bottoms for them. I have two guys who were rude to me while I instant messaged with them. They were some-what friendly to other friend I was instant messaging with. When I was on Facebook one time, some guy kept asking if I was a girl. My first question is what kind of question is why did he want to know if I was a girl. On the  internet ,for the most part, everybody can be either male or female. Gender does not apply to the internet. You can not be sure if the person who admits to being a female could be a sexual predator or  a sweet girl living on a working ranch. Now, the guy answered that he was interested. Another one seem to be whiny and desperate for a girl to like him. In fact, he created a site on Facebook that was titled like “I like you, even though I do not like me”. I feel he can do that , yet I felt like he was one of the dumbest people on earth. He felt like we bonded and was trying to win my heart. Instead he earned my sorrow. One of the reasons why is unless that person is your friend,sibling, family member,or crush. You should not  try to create a tight-sealed bond with everyone on the planet. So, in short ,my boys and girls, when online be careful of the friends you choose or you will be in for some real trouble.

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