A Raven leaves the nest

I,myself, have been an emerging Goth for a year now. In that past year, I have joined a social networking site on Ning. The people were nice and taught me more about being a Goth. Some of it was something I already knew. But, it reassured me as what we, Goths, are about. It felt nice to know I am not the only one who wishes to stay a Goth. Though, I feel I can do better than as Goth. I do understand my limits and what I know what will happen if I do not follow the rules. I decide to help me achieve my newer status as Goth. I decided that I will make a list of resolutions that will help me better gothic and loving choices. So, here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. Read books on the Gothic Tradition

2. write in Journal and more poems

3. Draw and do photography

4. Visit the library once a week

5. Find a club that will host a poetry night and audition

6. Find some new Goth bands and listen to music

7. Find a job to cover for these expenses

8. Find some new light/dark clothing for summer.

9. Go to more Dungeons and Dragons meetings

10. Thank Mom for all she does.


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