A poem is a man’s best friend

Words frees the  soul  like  a  good friend,

Opens wide like  a  small child’s eyes when they first see Disneyland.

ensnare the  senses like a python  squeezes a mouse in his formidable coils

Scolds you like  when your mom  says she is disappointed in you.

Reminds you  of all  the simple pleasure like coming home  and  getting hugs from your mother.

And at times your significant other.

Describes horrors of  dark  beginnings and horrid times of day long past,

From the fall of Adam and Eve up to  the  Twin  Towers fall,

Thus remind us all  of  our possible last leap that will  soon get us all.

comes in all  voices,sizes,and  different time zones,

I bid  you farewell  as  the  Raven  quoting  old Lenore,

I hope  our minds will  be closer together when we meet in our final  celestial home.


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