Highschool Poem


9/18/2009 1:51:25 PM

Cold and dark like a prison cell.
Where one is subjected to the Teacher’s cruel, ill, will.
A place where my principal is the warden,
And the teachers are the jail guards.
Go, Team, Go!
Go, Team ! Give ‘em  a show!
Our school is the best!
Always better than all the rest!
I sit and lament,
While everyone is fine and content.
I hate school so much.
Sometimes, I try so hard to remember…
Why I come around here.
I know not for the teachers.
Definitely not for lessons or friends.
For what kind of a whiner would have friends?
And what can I learn here?

IVblack and white Rogue
I love school!!
I enjoy my teachers!
I love to learn new things!
Where else can I meet new and old friends?
I cannot wait to make new and share old memories,
With friends and family.
Hopefully, one day  with grandchildren.

The teachers and bullies harass me ,
With their “come here” s and tardy slips,
Then, I come home.
I cover my head to avoid my mom’s naggings about my numerous bad grades,
And my “so-called” future.
While everyone is worried about  college.
I just take my life on,
One step at time.


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