What does it mean to be Goth?

What does it mean to be Goth to me? It means having your own sense of style and you can fit in with people who share the same interest as you do. It kind of releases you to dress a certain way that most people would not dress. The nice thing is no one really cares if you wear what you wear. Especially nowadays with women wearing black nail polish. Even though some goths seem to be off putting, we are really nice people. I can be a nice goth as well and a nasty one,too. Not all of us listen to heavy metal, we can be into music like punk-rock and some rap. So, to me, being goth means to be able to explore the unknown world and become part of a close,rocking, social group. I am not saying become a goth,but I am trying to inform you on how we real goths are like.


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